“Chris speech was eye opening!”

– Enian Dhanabalan VPM Yahoo


“We are excited to get started on the exercises he provided in his talk..!”

– Wen Kumfert Sr.

Product Marketing Manager at Bio-Rad Laboratories


“Chris’s talk was educational and entertaining!”

– Kristina Chudzilouskaya

CSPO Kaiser Permanente


“Wherever he is going to give a speech, it would a great opportunity for people to learn and to be motivated!”

– Travis Li

Senior Analytics Consultant at Wells Fargo


“Chris is a very energetic and engaging speaker, with a valuable message that cuts to the core of the challenges many businesses and employees face in a hyper-connected world.”

– Tommy Schanzer

Senior Trainer-Global Client Training at Quantcast


“Chris was able to provide a very engaging and thoughtful presentation that left our group with food for thought and some immediate new actions in the world of performance and being effective.”

– Debbie Huynh

Senior IT Analyst BD Biosciences


“Chris came to our club meeting and gave an inspiring, entertaining, and educational speech that invigorated our team!”

– Nicholas Price

Senior Studio Specialist, Oracle Corporation